Lasyone's Meat Pie Kitchen

Few places have the history that Natchitoches Louisiana has. When it comes to food, Lasyone's is a step back in time. Food that will push you to a nap, food that is made with the best ingredients and with recipes that have been handed down for generations. Famous for their original "meat pie" that's sold nationwide, has a Louisiana flair and is made with flavor, fresh herbs and spices. Lasyone's established in 1967, is one of those landmark places that's a must-visit destination. So the next time you're in downtown Natchitoches, Louisiana...stop in and let Lasyone's show you why they're truly one of Louisiana's best places to eat!!!

The Butcher Shop

Since 1983, The Butcher Shop has been serving up the best in southern cooking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Famous for their awesome hamburgers and chicken fried steaks, the Butcher Shop also has a great potato bar. After a great meal, step over to their bakery for a great selection of cakes, pies, and cookies made fresh daily. For 35 years, the Butcher Shop has prided themselves on serving customers great meals with big portions, quality ingredients at fair prices. Located at 102 LeHigh St. in Longview, Texas. The Butcher Shop...where southern food and tradition all come together!!!

Steamboat Warehouse

This is truly a landmark in so many ways. First, it the last standing steamboat warehouse in the country along with being one of Louisiana's top restaurants. The chef here was trained by the legendary Chef Paul Prudhomme. It has a great selection of some of the best seafood dishes known to man including their famous Crawfish Palmetto. So if you're looking for that special place along with an amazing dinner, Steamboat Warehouse is the place to go. Located at 525 N. Main St. just off I-49 Exit 27 in Washington.


This is an Arkansas iconic restaurant!!! Burge's is known for shipping their awesome smoked turkeys and hams nation wide especially during the holidays. If you're traveling through South Arkansas, this is a must-stop for lunch or dinner. They also have a great selection of ice cream, home made pies, burgers, BBQ, hot dogs, turkey or ham sandwiches. Burge's has just what your stomach is craving. Located 526 Spruce street in Lewisville, Arkansas.

Marilynn's Place

Recently ranked #1 among Shreveport eateries is set in a lively space with live music, quirky, colorful decor and lovely outdoor patio, Marilynn's Place is delight to visit. Started in honor of the owner's mother, this laid-back, vibrant eatery serves a host of Cajun eats like Shrimp Remoulade Po Boys, Chicken & Andouille Jambalaya and Crawfish Etoufée. Not only is Marilynn's Place a delightful restaurant, but it is also the cultural home of the community. Located at 4041 Fern Ave. in Shreveport. For reservations call 318-868-3004.

Herby- K's

"Herby- K's" Established in 1936, this is a Shreveport landmark of great places to eat. This falls under the category of one of those "Hole in the wall" places. Known for their great seafood gumbo, the shrimp buster and fresh oysters, Herby-K's also offers some great locally brewed beer as well. Service is excellent and the atmosphere will take you back in time. Located at 1833 Pierre Ave in Shreveport. Open 6 days a week and closed on Sunday's. Herby-K's ...truly a piece of Shreveport history.

The Food Shack

The Food Shack is located in Bossier City, Louisiana. Their menu features an array of classic southern recipes and Louisiana favorites, such as gumbo, po-boys and jambalaya.

2 Johns Steak & Seafood

If you're looking for a restaurant with great food and atmosphere, 2 Johns is that place! Amazing food from great appetizers to steaks and seafood to some really good pasta dishes. Two Johns just might be the best place in Shreveport/Bossier! Fine dining with live entertainment and a dessert menu that's off the chart. Located at 2151 Airline Dr. Suite 1500 in Bossier City. So for your next celebration book a reservation at 2 Johns and enjoy one of the best meals you'll ever have. For reservations call 318-841-5646 or go to to book online.