Each week we'll add a new tip. Check back in next week for updated information!

February 4th Weekly Tip

With cold temperatures this time of year, there are two things you need to check often; your tire pressure on your boat trailer and the water levels in your batteries. Cold temps can drawn tire pressure down and create issues especially when traveling long distance. Another thing you should always do when cold weather approaches, put your batteries on charge. Cold air is hard on batteries and can reduce the life of your batteries if they are neglected. Make sure the water levels are good as well in order to get a full charge on your batteries. This has been your Seaguar Fishing Line Angler's Tip.

January 28th Weekly Tip

With the different types of fishing line available, monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid, one of these can be a problem. The problem begins at the very tip...the tip of your rod. Line guides on your rod or the wrong kind of guides are susceptible to being damaged or cracked with a sharp groove especially with the use of braided line. Braided line can act like a saw and with a lot of use, can actually damage all the line guide on your rod. What's the solution? Ceramic guides.... these guides are resilient and can hold up against the abrasive resistance and friction that braid creates. The best thing about ceramic line guides, they work great for all types of fishing line. This has been your Seaguar Fishing Line Angler's Tip.

January 21st Weekly Tip

Everyone has a tackle box full of lures. And everyone has at least one lure that they want to tie on when they really need a bite. For some it might be a jig or a worm, or maybe a spinnerbait or it might even be their favorite crankbait. But there's one thing all successful anglers have that's not in their tackle box...."Confidence!"This is what makes a good angler a great angler! They believe in their ability to catch fish when other anglers fail. Always remember, no matter what's in your tackle box, nothing is a greater tool for success than the element of confidence. This has been your Seaguar Fishing Line Angler's Tip.

January 14th Weekly Tip

If you're headed to the boat show this weekend and looking to purchase a new or previously owned boat. Here's the first question you want ask yourself "What kind of water will I be fishing?" Are you fishing small bodies of water like our local cypress tree lakes or are you fishing BIG water like Toledo Bend or Sam Rayburn. The bigger the body of water the bigger the boat you should purchase. If you're fishing the BIG water lakes, I would look at nothing less than a 20 or 21 foot boat as they will handle rough water a lot better than a small 18 foot boat. But if you're fishing the smaller bodies of water, your perfectly fine with an 17 or 18 foot boat. The main thing is... just make sure the boat you are buying can handle the water you're fishing safely!!!! This has been your Seaguar Fishing Line Angler's Tip.

January 7th Weekly Tip

Last week we talked about re-spooling your reels with fresh line. Today we'll talk about the importance of cleaning and lubricating your reels. Now some guys like to clean, oil and grease their own reels and that's fine, if you can put them back together properly. But there are people who will do this for you. If you're looking for someone, ask your local tackle dealer. The good thing about hiring this process out; if there are parts that need replacing, they usually have the parts on hand for the most common reels. Either way, it's something that should be done on an annual basis in order to keep the reel performing at its best. Trailering with your reels on the front deck of your boat, subjects them to a lot of road grime which can creep inside the reel especially the worm gear. A year ago I started trailering with my reels in the cab of my truck and what a difference it made. I was amazed at how clean they were this past December when I started cleaning mine. Reels of today are very technology driven and the cleaner they are, the better they'll perform.

January 1st Weekly Tip

It's that time of year....time to re-spool all your reels and get ready for a new season of bassfishing. There are so many variables we can't control when it comes to fishing, wind, rain, sunshine, or clouds are just a few. But one thing you can control is having new line on your reels. Fresh line can be the difference between landing that fish of a lifetime or telling the story of the one that got away. One brand that I have found to be one of the best is Seaguar. My preference has been Seaguar AbrazX especially when its come to fishing heavy cover or around rock jetties. No matter what your line preference is, new line will help put fish in your boat or it might just help you win a tournament. So don't cut corners or save pennies with old fishing line, re-spool today and eliminate one variable you can control...fresh line. To see the entire line up of Seaguar fishing line, go to Seaguar.com