B.A.S.S. is getting it right…..

Today we live in a “show me now” state of mind. Social media gives us up to the minute live coverage of events all over the world. Now with the introduction of “Bassmaster Live” by B.A.S.S. It’s the greatest thing to ever come along for bass tournament coverage. Finally you get up to the minute coverage cast by cast, fish by fish, with running totals being kept the entire tournament day. B.A.S.S has finally found a way to put you on the front deck with the pros as they catch fish and discuss their strategy in real time. It’s an inside look at the pressure and thought process of professional anglers and the up and downs they go through. Thank you B.A.S.S. for a job well done and taking tournament coverage to a whole new level. Go to www.bassmaster.com to learn more.

Steve Graf – Co-host/Owner

Hook’N Up & Track’N Down Show