Fishing Superstitions

Over the years of watching bass anglers, I have determined they are the most OCD people on earth. They have little quirks, superstitions, and issues that normal people don’t have. They think it’s bad luck when they catch a fish on their first cast of the day. They’re like a woman at a shoe store, they just can’t pass up a sale rack and they can’t buy just one lure, they have to buy at least 3. They treat their rod and reels better than their firstborn and they study maps and their electronics like they’re on a mission to Mars. They’ll pay more for a boat that is used 3 times in a month than they do for a truck they drive every day! And if they break their favorite rod, there will be a proper burial and tears will be shed. So the next time you see a bass angler, understand they are probably on medication for obsessive-compulsive behavior.