Kids were born to do two things; chores and play outside!

 Today as I celebrate my late mother’s Birthday, I’m reminded of her demands that as kids we were told to stay out of the house. She always said and I quote “Kids were born to do two things; chores and play outside!” There were summer days where I really wanted to be inside with the air conditioner running and a large glass of sweet tea. But Mom had another saying…”If you’re thirsty, you can drink out of the water hose.” I learned quickly that a water hose was a lifeline to survival. And if you’ve never drank out of a water hose as a kid, you really missed out. I realize today that it was through her guidance that I learned to swim, climb trees, play sports, fish, and hunt. So during the age of video kids, take a lesson from my Mom and encourage or demand your kids to play outside. Happy Birthday Mom!!!


Steve Graf

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