Legendary Bass Fishery Closing

Recently saw a Facebook video about the closing of a legendary bass fishery in Texas called Lake Monticello. It’s a sad day for a lot of anglers who have wet a hook on this awesome body of water. A lot of memories and state record catches have been made at this lake. The Mt. Pleasant Texas community has prospered from this great body of water. I hope and pray that the powers that be (Luminant Energy) will find a way to work with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (or a private entity) to reopen the lake as a part of the Lake Bob Sandlin Park system which connects to Lake Monticello.

Great fisheries are hard to come by and Lake Monticello is definitely one of those great fisheries that anglers from all over the country have come to fish. This lake has been the backdrop for a lot of TV fishing shows that have made the long drives to fish a body of water where in the 1970’s, the Texas big bass craze all started. Before Lake Fork, there was Lake Monticello and the fishing was beyond awesome. But like they say, all good things must come to an end;  well I can only hope that in this case, that saying goes right out the window!!! Let’s put pressure on the TP&W to reopen this lake!!!

Steve Graf