Squirrel Hunting

As a young boy growing in the woods of East Texas, the first hunt I ever went on was for squirrel. I had a great mentor who taught me not just how to hunt squirrels but gun safety as well. Today, it seems that squirrel hunting has become a thing of the past and for me, there’s no better way to introduce a youngster to hunting. It’s not boring like sitting in a stand waiting on game to come to you. It’s walking through the woods in silent mode after you’ve heard a squirrel bark in the distance and trying to locate him in the tops of beautiful oak trees. Nothing gets the blood flowing on a cool crisp Fall morning more than the shaking of a tree limb out of the corner of your eye. So I hope and pray that this type of traditional hunting does not go away anytime soon. Because a lot of hunters have cut their teeth and learned so many hunting lessons while pursuing those sneaky and quick little bushy tails.