A Look Back On Polygraph Testing

Recently on the show, we had a great guest with polygraph Examiner Wayne Nissan. We discussed the details of taking a polygraph test and the emotional readings recorded. It was very interesting to hear how some people react to taking a polygraph test. Some get really nervous even though they aren’t guilty of anything. Some try and deceive the examiner but they can’t control their emotional reactions when asked certain questions. But one factor in deceiving a polygraph test is the correlation between the incident and the length of time it occurred. It’s the extended length of time that can suppress feelings which can make a polygraph test ineffective. But one thing the Examiner said that got my attention; he thinks that people, in general, are truthful and honest and that most are good or have good intentions. But in today’s world, there are always people looking to get ahead or cheat the system. And as long as mankind walks the earth, I guess we’ll always need an Examiner like Wayne Nissan to tell us if someone is telling the truth or not.

Steve Graf