5 Bass limit or 3 Bass Limit???

While the normal creel limit for most bass tournaments is 5 fish, occasionally you will see an event that goes with a 3 fish limit. And invariably you will see a group of anglers get their PFD s in a wad.

1st. If you take a 5 fish bag and remove and weigh the best 3 fish.....almost every time the same anglers will be in the winner circle. So it does not make it a 'Lucky Cast' event.

2nd. The time of year can make it necessary to go with 3 fish because of stress, heat, and low oxygen levels. When we lose a few fish to mortality, never do you see the individual anglers getting the bad P.R.....it's always the Tournament that is blamed and slandered.

3rd. If you see an event that goes to a 3 fish limit, and you do not like the decision...........MAKE DAMN SURE YOU ARE ACTUALLY COMPETING IN THE EVENT BEFORE YOU TAKE TO SOCIAL MEDIA WITH YOUR CRITICISM. Nothing is worse than a bunch of cry babies that don't have anything invested in the tournament but want to stir the pot.

-Mike Echols