Boat Ramp Etiquette

One thing that just really upsets me is how inconsiderate some boaters are at the boat ramp. You know THAT GUY who blocks the entire ramp while getting all his stuff loaded into the boat, unhooks his trailer tie downs, takes his boat cover off, climbs into his boat to load the ice chest and then just when yo think he's ready to launch, he realizes that the plug is not in and has to be pulled back out of the water so he can climb out and crawl under his boat to insert the plug. Then he backs down again and the motor won't crank simply due to the fact his kill switch is not hooked up but it takes him 10 mins to figure this simple solution out. Folks, don't be THAT GUY, do all of your prep work BEFORE you back down the ramp!!!! Today's waterways are more crowded than ever and this ONE GUY can really cause a log jam at the ramp. Always take care of ALL prep work so that the rest of us can get out boats into the water in a timely manner. Bottom line….just be considerate of others!!!!