North Louisiana Lakes Under Attack!!!

Well here we are, it’s March 2017 and the aquatic vegetation called Salvinia is not just a problem, IT’S A HUGE PROBLEM!!!! Almost all of our North Louisiana lakes (Bisteneau, Black Lake, Red River and Caddo) just to name a few, are all but completely covered up with just less than 50 of each waterway inundated with salvinia. Is the LDWF doing all they can with the money they have to work with? Is it a lack of personnel or a lack of funding? Is it a lack of equipment? Or are they just scratching their heads trying to figure out how to combat the most invasive problem to ever hit our waterways? I strongly encourage all outdoorsmen to contact your local state representatives and request immediate action!!! It's time to put pressure on the folks in Baton Rouge who we put into office. IF we don’t take action now, we will completely lose all recreational opportunities and local businesses/marinas will go out of business. The time for action is NOW!!!! Call your reps NOW!!!

Steve Graf


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