Do Fishermen Ever Tell The Truth?

Asking a bass angler especially a tournament angler what the fish are doing is like asking a kid if he took a cookie out of the cookie jar. You’re probably not going to get the truth!!!  Anglers are a strange breed of people who are very conscious about sharing information. They’ll cheat on their wives before they tell you the truth about what the fish are doing. They’ll sell the first born child before telling you where, or how they caught their fish. They will literally go to their grave with all their best GPS coordinates. But if there’s one thing most anglers will share, it’s their time, especially when it comes to a young angler.  Nothing makes an angler feel better about themselves when they can help and share information that might have a lasting impact on a young boy or girl. So the next time you ask an angler for information, proceed with caution, or send in a kid.