Don’t Fish If You’re Not Healthy…

The last couple of FLW events I’ve come across co-anglers who are not in the best of shape. I don’t care if you’re a boater or a co-angler, it’s a grind to fish all day and those who are not in shape or have an injury, penalizes both themselves and the boater and should not fish a major event. I’ve actually drawn one of these co-anglers before and it’s like babysitting. You have to help them in and out of the boat, help them get up on the back deck and God forbid if they have to net one of your fish. That’s an adventure in itself for them to even get to the front deck and hopefully they don’t break any rods while making the journey. If your back is out of whack…DON’T FISH!!! If you just had surgery…DON’T FISH!!! If you fell out of bed and broke a leg…DON’T FISH!!! I say this because I’ve seen this more this year than years past. FLW or B.A.S.S. events are not guide trips and it’s not a babysitting service. These tournaments are expensive and tough enough without dealing with someone who is not in condition to fish. So please boaters and co-anglers, while I admire your courage, please wait till your healthy enough to do all the things required to fish all day in one of these events.
Now anglers…let’s get in shape!!!!

Steve Graf – Co-host/Owner

Hook’N Up & Track’N Down Show