Remember when…..

I remember as a kid and how we played outside until the street lights came on? I remember when your bike was your main form of transportation and we rode all over town? I remember playing sandlot baseball without parental supervision and used ghost runners when you did not have enough players for a full team? I remember fishing all day on a farm pond and would walk to the black berry patch for a snack. I remember when I would squirrel hunt by myself at the age of 10 with a 20 gauge shotgun. Today I feel sorry for kids with respect to they never got to have the freedoms our generation enjoyed in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s sad, but today’s kids are sheltered and protected due to the world we live in today. So it’s up to the older generation of today to make sure we get these kids outside and expose them to the great outdoors in order to keep the passion and traditions alive that we associate with any and all outdoor activities.

Steve Graf – Co-host/Owner

Hook’N Up & Track’N Down Show