Is it just me or do people really not care about how much time they take to get a boat into the water no matter how many others are waiting patiently.  Well one of my last trips something happened that was even more appalling, someone actually blocked in my truck and boat trailer in the parking lot.  Both vehicles on both sides of my truck and trailer were parked so as not to allow me to pull up and back my trailer down the ramp in order to load my boat.  After a few expletives to anyone that could hear my voice,   I literally had to disconnected my trailer from the truck, push it back towards the seawall, (luckily I had enough room to maneuver) then swing the trailer tongue on a tandem axle, (not easy with a tandem axle trailer by the way) and pull the trailer into position so I could reconnect to my truck.  I went to all this effort just because people weren’t paying attention on how they were parking their truck and trailers. Now maybe I’m different, but the first thing I look to see when I park my truck and trailer; am I blocking someone in? But obviously everyone does not do that!!! So if the two guys who blocked me in read the well worded sticky note I left on both of their vehicles, hopefully they will pay more attention to how they park next time!!! By the way, I left my name and number on the sticky note just in case they wanted to call me and apologize…..but that call never came. Shocker!!!

Steve Graf

Hook’N Up & Track’N Down Show